The modern trend is distributing personalized wedding favors to guests

21/05/2011 10:32

It is true when people say that weddings are made in heaven because this day happens to be the most delightful day of any couple that begins a new life together. It is not only the couple but even the family as well that enjoy celebrating this glorious occasion with friends and relatives by inviting them to join in the festivity. It is customary for people to be spending huge sums of money for the marriage ceremony with cost going for the invitations, attires, decorations, hall charges, food and drinks along with entertainment. At all wedding receptions it is habitual for guest to receive personalized wedding favors from the married couple in remembrance of their special day.

These personalized wedding favors are little gifts that symbolize the theme of the wedding, which come in different types. They are mainly given to the entire guests who attend the wedding function as a mark of appreciation and thanks for them making the time to come and celebrate along with them. Wedding favors are easily available at department stores or any wedding accessories shops where people have a wide choice of favors that they could choose from. Additionally if the couple about to get married are creative and talented then they can their own personalized wedding favors done up by themselves which would be more appreciated by their guests.

Generally the wedding favors are personalized by mentioning the married couple’s names the date and year of the wedding and perhaps a small thank you message.

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