What Are Wedding Favors and their Importance?

17/05/2011 13:03

Wedding favors are those gifts which are given out to the guests from both the sides, that is the bride and the bride groom side. You must be wondering that what the need to give out the wedding favors is. Giving out the wedding favor is a small gesture of gratitude and appreciation to the guests. Though this tradition is a very old one and is followed since ages, only difference is the way of presentation which has really gone a long way. In the earlier times it was just a pack of sweets that was given out to the guests of both the sides. But if you see the current scenario, where there is so much creativity people having started going in for the personalized wedding favors.

Don’t get confused people; the personalized wedding favors are the ones that bear the name of the couple who’s got married. The family gets the names engraved on that particular item also known as monogramming. So I am sure you have understood the concept of personalized wedding favor. Here I would like to share with you the wedding favors of the European culture, there the people believed that the first wedding favor came to be known as the bonbonbnnire; it is basically a box which was made of crystals and was made for the wedding favor especially and used to contain sugar cubes and you would be surprised to know that in those times sugar was the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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