What is the meaning of Wedding Shower Favors

19/05/2011 12:43

For many of us it must a new thing, but it is the tradition since the sixteen century. Since then the wedding ceremonies have the concept of having the wedding favors. Foe you people it is must to know that what formed the part of those wedding favors. The basic thing in the olden days was the sugar and the sugar coated products. The other surprising thing that you will learn is that in the olden days sugar was very expensive and the ones who could afford it were considered rich and wealthy. People go out of their way to make their wedding favors special and unique. There is also a concept of the wedding shower favor which is basically a small part thrown by any member of the bride’s family. It can be bride’s own mother or even the future mother in law.

The wedding shower favor is a special way to pamper the bride and also to make her feel really special. So if you want to show love to the bride than you can get the wedding shower favor arranged. To arrange for the wedding shower favor you can arrange for the afternoon lunch and the place can be a pool side celebration, or it can be a tea program, just remember that whatever you do should be a memorable event for the bride. The main thing is to show gratitude to your guest and that can be done by any member of the family and from any of the sides.

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